There is an excited buzz surrounding the upcoming TEDxPortsmouth event on September 7th. We’ve got a new name, a new venue and a fantastic roster of presenters and performers ready to share their thoughts about our theme: That Was Then.
One of the questions we receive most often here at the TEDxPortsmouth HQ is:
Where can I find out what this years’ TEDxPortsmouth talks are going to be about?

The short answer is: the only place you can find out what is happening at our TEDx event is at our TEDx event.

The longer answer is: We don’t release details on the talks ahead of time. Part of the experience of attending a TEDx event is arriving with an open mind, knowing that you’ll hear from a multidisciplinary range of experts on a wide range of topics. We follow TED’s lead on this — releasing short speaker bios, but withholding previewing talk titles and topics. You can learn about our speakers and performers here. There, you will get a sense of the range of expertise coming to The Music Hall stage. All TEDx events seek to present “Ideas worth spreading.” On September 7th, our speakers will offer an array of new ideas to surprise and inspire our audience.

Not knowing just what those ideas are beforehand is all a part of the adventure.

Feature photo credit: Kate and Keith Photography