Point of No Return

What is a “point of no return?”
How do we approach?
Where is the threshold?
When do we enter the maelstrom, the spinning
fugue of what was and what will be?
What becomes of us afterwards?
Who are we?
Who will we be?

Are we always approaching the edges?
Are we always leaning into the wind?
Can we embrace the unknown and uncertain?
Can we relish the difficulties that await?
Can we rise to the occasion?
Are we always on the verge?
Can we be optimists?
Can we accept help?
Can we laugh?

Can we recognize the radiance
of our experiences?

A climber at the base of Otter Cliff—
A woman on the cusp of childbirth—
A guitar player at the crossroads—
A sailor crossing the equator—
A traveler pondering a divergent path in a yellow wood—
An athlete raising a fist, or taking a knee—
A girl discovering a rabbit hole—
A man on the verge of despair—
A woman mourning her mother’s death—
A mathematician seeing an image of a black hole—
An addict asking for help—
A farmer during her first harvest—
A child leaving for college—
An infant entranced by the majesty of a butterfly—
A phoenix rising: new, stronger, different—
This is the story of being human.

Samuel Beckett wrote: “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”
So, go on. Discover your point of no return.
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