Exciting news, folks! As part of our “That was Then” theme, we’re looking for audio works from past and present that represent Portsmouth. This is part of our “Percent for Art” allocation in our annual event budget, inspired by the City of Portsmouth and launched at our 2017 event — using at least 1% of our event budget to commission art from local artists.

You can submit your poem, song, oral history, spoken word, etc. — HERE — and we’ll be giving honorariums to those chosen.

Deadline for submissions is August 23rd.

Full details from our curators:

Call for submissions from Circulus Arts

Circulus Arts will be curating THE PORTSMOUTH MIXTAPE, a one-of-a-kind compilation of songs, sounds and spoken words that will be a featured part of this year’s TEDxPortsmouth event, Friday September 7th at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH.

Circulus is calling on Spoken Word ArtistsMusic Makers, Sound Designers, Poets, Oral Historians, and Creative Citizens from the NH, southern Maine, and northern Massachusetts Seacoast regions to contribute tracks for consideration.

If chosen, TEDxPortsmouth will present your work at the conference’s MixTape Lounge — a breakout space and listening room featuring vintage audio devices from reel to reel tape to WalkMen to MiniDisc players. We’re looking for a diversity body of artists and creative types with a connection to the region who want to show off what makes the area pop and sparkle.

There are honorariums available for chosen submissions.

Questions? Contact jonny@circulusarts.com