This year has been a big year for TEDxPortsmouth. Along with our big name and venue changes this this year, we are also making an effort to make our first TEDxPortsmouth event memorable and as close to zero waste as possible. We thrive in a community that strives for a cleaner environment, we are embracing this quality.

Here are 5 ways that was are cutting down on our waste for this year’s “That Was Then” event.

1. Reusable water bottles

If you attended our event last year, then you know that we handed out reusable TEDx water bottles. If you still have yours (and we hope you do!) please bring it with you to the event and show off your TEDx pride while also saving a plastic water bottle. Don’t have a TEDx water bottle? No worries. Bring your own reusable water bottle and we will fill it up as many times you need! We’ll also have a *few* TEDxPiscataquaRiver (That was Then!) limited edition water bottles for sale, and reusable or compostable Music Hall cups will also be available.

2. Mixtapes instead of swag bags

At previous TEDx events we’ve given away “swag bags” as a takeaway for the day. Although we have loved all these goodies and sharing them with you, it wasn’t the most sustainable. This year we are giving out a Mixtape that was created by the creative people in our community. Not only is this gift more sustainable, we think it is more special because everything is original and unique. At the event we will also have a listening lounge for you to enjoy your mixtape during the breaks between speakers and performances.

3. 100% cotton TEDx T-shirts & Lanyards

This year our TEDx T-shirts are free of toxic materials like polyester, which did you know is poisonous for your skin?!, and are now a 100% cotton and 100% compostable. Our lanyards are also 100% cotton and have metal clips — they’re reusable for keys, etc. for many reuses and — no plastic!

4. Compostable packaging and compostable food items

Our food sponsors believe in a zero waste event as much as we do and are packing your lunch in compostable and green materials and providing healthy and compostable food items like fruits and veggies for your snacking throughout the day. Fill your body with good food and good energy knowing you’re not wasting while you fuel up. Coffee cups are all compostable, too!

5. Community pick up

We are going to do our best to making zero waste and have zero impact, and you are a part of it. During a break in the event we are going to work together to clean up our spaces and make sure we are leaving behind no waste. Our sponsors are working together to make sure that our compost gets to where it needs to go in order to be reused to grow!

Tickets still available and you can find them here: