Speaker: Kate Doyle
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In this inspiring talk packed with stunning visuals, artist Kate Doyle walks us through her newest project, a collaboration with NASA. After losing her friend, astronaut and climate scientist Dr. Piers Sellers, to pancreatic cancer, she shares how his final choices and commitment to climate change action forced her to step outside the comfortable confines of her studio to develop Ouroboros.

Designed to raise awareness of impending and actual climate change, and to create a call for action, Ouroboros combines gorgeous NASA data-driven animations transformed through artistic license into a five-chamber walkthrough sculpture and a communal lounge for exchanging ideas. Multiple moving images stream onto exhibition visitors, engaging them directly with the impact humans are having on our planet.

Kate Doyle is a visual artist who focuses on preservation and climate change. A graduate of American University with post grad studies at Studio Simi in Italy, her work includes painting, photography, sculpture and installation, often using upcycled materials. In her recent project, Ouroboros, NASA satellite data forms the basis of visualizations created by the extraordinary animators at Goddard Space Flight Center. These moving images blend with earth-originated imagery by Kate and other artists, designed to raise awareness of impending and actual climate change, and to create a call for action.

Through an aesthetic and personal experience of the actual data, Kate’s work aims to demonstrate how finely balanced and interconnected are earth’s systems. Ouroboros is a five-chamber walk-through sculpture created by a collaborative team of artists, scientists, engineers, designers, builders, astronauts, and people from many disciplines. The richness of this cross-pollination serves as a metaphor for the global collaboration needed to preserve this planet as a place where all living organisms, human and other, can live. Everyone has an impact; everyone is important. If many people do something small, the result can be huge.

Kate Doyle is a visual artist whose recent collaboration with NASA brings attention to the devastation of climate change on our planet.