Event Year: 2018

Chuck Ott

Chuck Ott​ has been a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, school psychologist and superintendent. Through it all, his focus has been on dropout prevention and high school reform.

Jessica C. McWade

Jessica C. McWade​ is the president of McWade Group, specializing in leadership, team and strategy development. She has led major divisions for three Fortune 200 firms, served as a U.S. Navy Commander and president of the World Affairs Council of Boston​.

Cyrus McCandless

Cyrus is a neurobiologist who studies brain activity during natural behavior and stimulation with a focus on motivation, goal-directed behavior and decision-making. He is the director of behavioral science at Sentient Decision Science in Portsmouth.

Bill Kubicek

Bill Kubicek ​is the founder of Next Step, a nonprofit organization that provides community and life skills for teens and young adults living with HIV, cancer and rare genetic disorders.

Ed Goyette

Ed helps parents strengthen their relationships with their children through a project called “Yours for the Asking,” an engaging program that puts action behind curiosity. Ed is also the owner of BeanTowne Coffee House, a café that has won national...

Jon Giegengack

Jon Giegengack is​ founder of Hub Entertainment Research where he works with the likes of Netflix, AMC, AT&T, Hulu, Sony Pictures to understand how our ubiquitous connectivity changes the way we find and consume entertainment.

John Gargasz

John Gargasz​ is a serial entrepreneur who consistently asks the question “Why not?” He currently serves as managing director of Nanocomp Technologies Inc., a NH-based advanced materials company.

Kate Doyle

Kate Doyle​ is a visual artist whose recent collaboration with NASA brings attention to the devastation of climate change on our planet.

Emily Calhoun

Emily Calhoun​ is a naturalist, owl expert and programming instructor with Seacoast Science Center.